Vermont Bostons

Miss Lizzy Lou

Lizzie has just retired from motherhood, and will remain here forever!

​She is our little "Miss Perfectionist" w/the cleanest paws in town!
Miss Holly Rose
our Red and White

​Our will play forever girl, super,super agile, we call her our "gazelle" w/the perfect Boston tail...every Boston should have a Holly tail! Looks like an exclamation mark!

​HOLLY is now retired

​Miss Ginger Ally Boo
our Champagne and White

This is our "Princess" for sure, loves her humans, and we love her! 

​Gingy is now retired.
Miss Pudge

Pudgy is our big girl, she weighs about 25lbs, and has "model legs",she is a sweetheart, very quiet for a Boston, and very mild mannered, she is perfect in every way, a love bug is an understatement!

Pudgy is now retired...
Miss Lilly Belle

Another very quiet, well mannered Boston girl, this is my "tennis ball" girl, loves, her toys and loves to chase the tennis balls, I make it a point to throw her a ball every morning to start her day out right!
Lilly is now retired.

Miss Salem AKA Wiggle Butt

​These pictures do not do her justice!!!
Although Salem does have much white on her face, matching her up w/Jax, will surely put the white markings on the pups faces. Salem has the most elegant movement, I have ever seen on any Boston, she is a constant ball of motion, she wiggles her whole body and grins when she sees me first thing in the am,super, super sweet girl, w/lots of energy. This girl is super smart, does not miss a thing! We love her to pieces!! 
Salem is now retired.

Miss Diamond Rio

Introducing our 2 yr old, Di Di, she is the sweetest girl ever, always asks before hopping up in a lap, never a surprise,lol !! Very polite girl.
Miss Mia Farrow

Introducing our little Mia girl that carries FAWN!! She is our baby, our Introducing our little Mia girl that carries FAWN!! She is our baby, our littlest, about 12lbs, she is a yr, one heat cycle already, waiting on the second one, then on the third she will meet our JAX who is A FAWN AND WHITE, see his page, for 2017 FAWN PUPPIES!!! Another cuddly Bostie, in fact, our biggest Boston, Wyatt, our 10 yr old loves playing with her, and he has never played with anyone else, Guess he thinks she something special!